It's a new year. Yes, our reporting system has been down. It's working again ūüôā

On Christmas Eve 2020 the running total of confirmed COVID-19 cases was 3,604 for the county formally knows as Slaughter (yep, that's a real fun fact). As of today, there are 4,006 confirmed cases. That's +402 since our last report.

The new case distribution goes as follows: Bainbridge Island 9, Bremerton 12, Central Kitsap 14, North Kitsap 10 and South Kitsap with 10 for a daily total of 56 new cases reported.

The County death total is up to 37.

The rate of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 (over past 14 days) is down to 160.9.

COVID19 vaccinations in the united states source CDCVaccinations are severally bottlenecked at the state and county level. As of today, the State of Washington reports receiving a distribution of 395,500 vaccinations from the Federal government. The State has distributed 4,375 of those to Kitsap County. In both cases, only about 1/4 of the vaccinations distributed have made their way into the arms of Washingtonians.

Vaccinations began 3 weeks ago for Phase 1a are still underway. Kitsap County received 975 in week one (Dec 13-19), 3,000 in week two (Dec 20-26) and another 400 in week three (Dec 27- Jan 2).

This first set of humans to receive the vaccine include frontline health workers and long-term care residents and staff. Phase 1b include Essential workers(examples: Education Sector, Food & Agriculture, Utilities, Police, Firefighters, Corrections Officers, Transportation) and Phase 1c will be Health care personnel and Long Term Care Facility residents. Phase descriptions source: (Phased Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccine)

The City of Bainbridge Island's COVID-19 DriveThru Testing Site opened back up this last Monday, January 6th, 2021.

You can visit the City's COVID-19 page HERE and book an appointment for a test HERE!

  • Anyone who has symptoms consistent with COVID-19, even if their illness is mild. Learn more about COVID-19 symptoms on the¬†CDC‚Äôs website.
  • Anyone who has been in close contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19.
  • View¬†additional testing recommendations¬†from Kitsap Public Health District.

(source KPHD website)

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