170 -| The Bainbridge Island Review, Review | Volume 21

Episode 170 – The Bainbridge Island Review, Review Volume 21 –

It was a lite paper. We may be calling the Review for a rebate soon. If they charge a dollar, what can we expect? First we detail the great communication outages which have been affecting ATT, Verizon, Centurylink, some Comcast, almost all cell phone carriers, ATMs, credit card readers and on and on. Spotty. Island-wide. Minute by minute. Kind of like a slot machine at the casino; sometimes it pays, sometimes it doesn’t.

Thanks to the Safeway Starbucks for just giving me my stuff with a promise to pay because I didn’t have cash on me. Back to the coin jar. Could it be the Russians? We reviewed the Bainbridge Island Review and we both graded it a C- which was good because we didn’t have to average our grades.

A look ahead to the new bike lanes for the Olympic Drive project with a frame by frame video. Candidate Grayson Wildsmith will be coming in next week. We will also will be nailing down the dates for our Pollock4Council/Sarah Blossom debate/conversation.

Episode 170 is brought to you by Storyville Coffee Company and their beautiful roastery at the Coppertop.

And Outcome Athletics the home of the best best personal trainer on bainbridge Island, Bethanee Randles.