202 – Breaking News: 550 Madison Residents Still On Month to Month Leases, Small Boutique Hotel on Winslow Ends Up Being 40 Rooms, Lobster Fest for Housing Kitsap and Council Meeting Recap

Episode 202 – Breaking News: 550 Madison residents still on Month-to-Month leases, but this time it’s from their “savior” Housing Resources Bainbridge. We reached out for comment and got this reply from Executive Director, Phedra Elliot, “In order to protect the privacy of our residents, we aren’t able to discuss leases or lease terms with anyone other than the resident themselves.” Yeah… So we replied and are waiting to hear back. We CCed Matthew Tirman, Bainbridge Island City Council in hopes a fresh set of eyes may help in the decision making process.

In other news, the Small Boutique Hotel on the other end of Winslow (where That’s A Some Pizza used to be) went in front of the Design N Review Board. This small hotel ended up being 40 Rooms and 15 parking spots. So yeah, we are guessing we will hear a bit more about this. Richard Davis was in attendance and asked for the architect’s drawing but he was denied at the rim. We are reaching out to City of Bainbridge Island, Washington to see if they have a copy of the deck that was shown during the PUBLIC MEETING.

And did Housing Kitsap really fly their folks across the country for a conference and an Ultimate Feast Lobster Fest? Tune in for all that and a bag of chips because we also talk about City Council Business Meeting from last night.

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