225 – Two Hundred and Twenty Five Podcasts.

Episode 225 – Two Hundred and Twenty Five Podcasts.

We preview the fascinating interview we will post shortly with Kitsap County Auditor Paul Andrews and a tour of the operations. Real live ballots come-in; secret secure areas; a super-sophisticated sorting machine with high-def scanning. A 21st Century operation with the small town feel of customer service.

We re-visit (for the last time) the controversies surrounding the election and as surely as the campaign signs have sprouted all over Bainbridge Island it will come to an end November 5. Many are still waiting to fill out their ballots so the election is still in doubt in many Ward races. Expiration date on drama is ending in 3…2…1

Episode 225 is brought to you by the Chocolate Croissant at Storyville Coffee Company in the Coppertop and by Outcome Athletics, the home of the best personal trainer on Bainbridge, Bethanee Randles.