251 – Turkey Day Review, Review Wrap-Up

Episode 251 – Turkey Day Review, Review Wrap-Up. Sal DeRosalia had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends including the owner of Proper Fish who who can’t get away from the kitchen even on the holidays.
Richard actually traveled all the way to deepest Bellevue and learned Lyft actually works really well though the new holding pen at the Colman Dock was not his favorite thing.

We check out the Bainbridge Island Review, Review and noted the newest members of the police department Cagney and Lacey (they are guinea pigs) and some interesting Letters to the Editor. We highlighted one from friend of the show Chas Malatesta on coverage of race equity issues on Bainbridge by the Review.

Next week is going to be jam-packed and will highlight the start of the 23rd Legislative District race with an appearance by Tarra Simmons — December 5th in our studio — one of the candidates for Sherry Appleton’s seat (and with her endorsement).

Episode 251 is brought to you by Outcome Athletics, the home of the best personal trainer on Bainbridge, Bethanee Randles.