289 – Almost Voted Off the Island — Affordable Housing Crisis 2020

Episode 289 — When Wake Up Bainbridge! co-host Richard Davis​ (after a few years of seeing it coming!) was almost priced off the island, he decided to do a multi-part deep dive into all facets of the “A” word. That’s “affordable” as in “affordable housing,” both in the US and here on Bainbridge. Here is his introduction with a sneak peak at some of the episodes to come. Also a nice shout-out to Poulsbo, Poulsbohemian Coffeehouse​, Suzanne Selfors bestselling author and new owner of the beloved Liberty Bay Books​.

Episode 289 is brought to you by Outcome Athletics​ now at the Pavilion in beautiful Urban Winslow. And by the best personal trainer on Bainbridge Island, Bethanee Randles