292 | Local Designer, Denise Stoughton talks downsizing and her new Air Head movement!

On today’s Wake Up Bainbridge Show we have special guest Denise Stoughton. Denise is a local design consultant and entrepreneur.

Along with sharing her experience and expertise on downsizing, Denise is the local designer behind the Modern Airhead collection of wall-mounted planters you see around town. As she describes them on her website: They are the perfect blend of wall-art and greenery and come in a variety shapes, sizes and colors!

As an added bonus, we also had Mike and Ron from Seidl Stewart Video Production. They were recording footage for some special stuff Denise has in store for y’all. It was fun to see the show go on at the show. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Denise Stoughton
  • Background and road to Bainbridge Island
  • Downsizing
  • Decision to become entrepreneur
  • First design job
  • Modern Air Heads
  • What’s next for Denise?

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This week’s question is: 

Question: If you had to or wanted to downsize, what do you see yourself in?

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In this episode, we mentioned the following cool folks:

Ron Stewart and Mike Seidl from Seidl / Stewart Video Productions

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