303 | The Council Meeting Recap Show with Sarah Blossom | Wake Up Bainbridge

On today’s Wake Up Bainbridge Show, Sal and former Councilwoman Sarah Blossom sat down with Richard on the phone to go over last night’s City of Bainbridge Island, Washington study session of the City Council.

We discussed:

  • Update on the Development Moratorium (it continues)
  • Green Building Update (9 applicants chosen)
  • Sustainable Transportation Update (they are working on it)
  • Sportsmans Roundabout (several council members are trying to remove the project)
  • Suzuki Review, Reviewed (should it stay or should it go?)
  • Council Member Replacement (temp delay for marketing purposes, 4 week application window)

Episode 303 is Sponsored by Outcome Athletics, Home of the Best Personal Trainer on Bainbridge Island, Bethanee Randles.