306 | Bainbridge Island City Council 2020 Retreat Audio (last 90 minutes) | Wake Up Bainbridge

The audio is not the best quality on this one. City of Bainbridge Island did not use the microphones and PA system and we are not aware of any recording. We recommend using headphones. 

Below is the list on the whiteboard they drew up and then voted/ranked on in order of importance to discuss. 

  • Implement Island Wide Stormwater Study 1
  • Sustainable, green economic development 3
  • Implement Climate Action Plan 7
  • Implement Sustainable Transportation Plan 5
  • Implement Green Building 4
  • Land Use Code Revisions 6
  • Comprehensive BIMC Review 0
  • Affordable Housing Strategy 4
  • Plastics Ordinary 4
  • Race Equity 3
  • Support Agriculture 2

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