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News correspondent Sal DeRosalia spoke with local Bainbridge Island resident, Hannah Myrick about her connection to the Post Prison Education Program, what it’s doing and how we all can help. 

Hannah Myrick is a local journalist who has worked for a variety of community based newspapers in the Seattle area. She’s currently working for the Post Prison Education Program to tell stories that have the power to destigmatize the prison population.

An example of her work can be seen in a recent interview Hannah conducted with the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women, a national resource and advocacy center founded with the purpose “to work for justice for victims of battering charged with crimes where a history of abuse is relevant to their legal claim or defense.”

Intervew Link:https://postprisonedu.org/2020/02/17/qa-with-the-national-clearinghouse-for-the-defense-of-battered-women/?fbclid=IwAR27giQn34cNV7CuPEtxW0StrsL3dto20uj_hVl90b7DNs6LIa_NZ0Ka7T0

A quote from Hannah’s Facebook page which explains a bit about her passion and intentions: 

“They are an incredible organization that provides resources, a listening ear and support for those released who would often otherwise have nowhere to go and no future to look towards.

There’s so many backstories to tell and perspectives to collect and write about in order to better understand how complex each individual in our prison system is. I’ll be posting more content upcoming from interviews with local advocates, attorneys, advocates, etc. but in the meantime give PPEP a like, subscribe to their newsletter, check out their website, donate! And if you have any connections or questions or comments, let me know.”

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