313 | Economics of a Pandemic | Part Two of Our Late-Night Conversation With Houston Wade

Episode 313 | Wake Up Bainbridge! Show co-host Richard Davis sat down for a late-night conversation with Islander @Houston Wade to talk turkey about the economics of the pandemic at which we find ourselves in the epicenter. If not a ghost town, the local scene is certainly ghost town adjacent as more people work from home, more events are cancelled and many are practicing “social distancing” with vigor.

The stock market gets the headlines but the workers of the Gig Economy, employees of small local businesses and anyone looking at may be a long siege against the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 are feeling the pinch. What will the State of Washington do? What is already in place? What is the forecast going forward. 

Episode 313 is brought to you by @Outcome Athletics now at the Pavilion and the home of the best personal trainer on Bainbridge Island, @Bethanee Randalls.