319 | The COVID-19 Numbers Game | When Numbers Get Too Big To Ignore | Update With Houston Wade

On March 29th the President of the United States finally seemed shocked. Shocked by the size and the speed of the viruses transmission and the expected deaths in ranges from 100,000 to as many as 1.2 million without radical mitigation. We have been talking with our local COVID-19 news watcher Houston Wade who has been doing the math and examing the modeling of the pandemic.

Co-host Richard Davis interviewed Houston after the President announced from the Rose Garden (with his Coronavirus Task Force) that he extended the current guidelines through April 30th which essentially will give everyone cover for the continued lockdown now in effect. It will not be over by Easter but what do these large numbers mean for you at home? What can you expect long term regarding work, school and health? We try to wrap our heads around the numbers.