323 | So This COVID-19 Thing Is Basically Over? Right?

All across the country states are making phased openings (Or in some cases are fully open. Hey Wisconsin!) and those of us fortunate enough to be able to work from home or not go out at all are looking longingly outside for avenues of escape. How realistic is this? The virus has been tamped down and we did it!? Not so fast. Despite new social media posts saying things were overblown, the virus still acts like a virus. That means with more hosts (people out and in contact with each other) you will have the return of accelerated exponential growth.

Houston Wade who has been following COVID-19 from Day One and teaches math at Edmonds says numbers act like numbers and the virus will act like a virus in lieu of a lockdown or a vaccine. Are there any success stories across the globe? How did South Korea and New Zealand reach a situation where they have no new cases?

As of this show on May 14, 2020 there are 1.5 million cases in the US and 86,000 deaths. Numbers that were inconceivable just two months ago. Are we in the early innings or in the later stages? Listen in to this socially distanced interview.