324 | City Manager’s Report Recap and COVID Update

324 | The Wake Up Bainbridge City Manager’s Report Recap with Richard and Sal. 

Sal DeRosalia and Richard Davis get the band together to discuss masks, dead whales, and the City Manger’s report form the City of Bainbridge Island, Washington.

We talk about changing CDC rules and about why we wear masks! Thanks mask-maker Dominique Cantwell! Richard waxes poetic about how good his personal BI Ride driver Helen of Kitsap Transit is. When you all come out he will miss this Green Uber which for the most part has cost nothing for door-to-door service with a response time of about 10-15 minutes on Bainbridge.

We hope to have the alternate view to mask wearing for COVID-19 later this evening. We also will have a special report from New York City next week. Meet candidates for the 23rd District Rep. seat including Tarra Simmons. We want to know what is going on with Jeremy Yohe and other great people we were lucky to meet since you all started watching Wake Up Bainbridge!