Wake Up Bainbridge! Is Serious Good Fun

That Was Fun…Now Back To Work

Sal and Richard’s Wake Up Bainbridge started Live Facebook broadcasts and daily podcasting just 5 months ago today. It has been fascinating and fun and we want to thank our sponsors Storyville Coffee, Amoeba Networks Seattle and Outcome Athletics for their support. And of course the many hundreds of Islander and Kitsap denizens for their views, clicks and feedback.

We have had interesting City Hall guests — from the City Council and candidates running for Council –local musicians, restaurateurs, writers like Susan Wiggs and Jim Thomsen, filmmakers like Garrett Bennett, personalities from Bainbridge Islanders old and new and we always try to make it fun.

But we also tackle tough issues like sex trafficking, race equity, local government oversight, affordable housing like our coverage of the Save 550 Madison campaign and the crisis in income inequality on Bainbridge Island and its mother city Seattle.

Coming up will be debates between City Council candidates, coverage of the vibrant arts community, the real story behind how the sausage gets made at City Hall. We created a microphone for ourselves but more importantly for those who may not have a voice in our hometown media and have important things to say.

We always try to have fun and make sure the listeners and viewers have fun too.

We are happy the terrific New Day NW on King 5 Seattle show will be featuring us this week. That should be fun!

So Google “Wake Up Bainbridge” and see all the great current and recent shows, articles, see how to subscribe to the podcast and how you can be a part of the Wake Up Bainbridge And Stay Woke movement!

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