Wake Up Bainbridge Hosts Richard and Sal


You could call it… honest, witty banter. The combination of Richard’s classical training and Sal’s raw talent blend so well you would think they had known one another for the better part of fifteen (15) years.

Oh wait, they have!


Along with being close friends, the gentlemen behind Wake Up Bainbridge continue to be the brains and brawn behind a number of successful small businesses enterprises from Seattle to San Diego.

“Honestly, we love business, we love to click and we are really good at it. We want to work with folks that want to win. ” – Richard Davis


What makes these guys think they can run a media services and consultancy business? Well, they have had a head start.

Wake Up Bainbridge Podcast/Show

Richard Davis – Left

Co-Founder & Co-Host | Former publishing executive that has launched several successful online enterprises for small and medium-sized businesses with dramatic results. A little known fun fact; Richard also happens to be a New York Times best selling author for the book and subsequent franchise, Growing Up Catholic. No biggie, just 36 weeks on the bestseller list with over a million copies sold. We dig his journey!

Sal DeRosalia – Right

Co-Founder & Co-Host | Entrepreneur for life that has created four (4) successful businesses over nearly two decades of hard work and innovation. In addition to biz, Sal is a very active activist in WA State. He sits on the COBI Cultural Funding Committee and helped organize the newly formed COBI Race Equity Task Force. Now, he is here working for you at Wake Up Bainbridge! and Outcome Media.

Intern “Maybe You”

Intern | This is Intern person. They are very cool. They are an integral part of the Wake Up Bainbridge! Team. This will be your spot.

Next Steps…

So, what can Outcome Media do for you? We use unique and new marketing methods combining podcasts, videos and all relevant social media platforms. Whether on a computer, on their phone or listening to their favorite smart home device, we reach people where they are. Call to Action