On Thursday November, 26, 2020, Thanksgiving Day, 40 plus people made their way to downtown Bainbridge Island, WA for a protest against Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and his latest set of COVID-19 restrictions.

Inslee is the controversial third term Governor that has imposed a new set of restrictions on Washington State that has some folks up in arms.

The protesters were mostly gathered in the Bainbridge Island City Hall parking lot but there were some scattered throughout the rest of downtown Winslow. Those folks joined the march as they made their way down the route.

It was a steady march from the parking lot down to the end of Winslow Way where Insee's personal residence is. The 30 plus marchers took up signs, megaphones, flags and literally marched to the beat of their own drum. They also had a guitar player.

The march ended at the bottom of the road where they met a smaller contingent that had already staged directly across the from Inslee's residence. This group came complete with a professional camera man, news person from the Kitsap Sun and all the fixings for a Thanksgiving Dinner.

After the co-organizers, Lindsey "Linz Wynn" Nguyen and the man in our interview (he remained nameless) gave comments to the crowd and an empty Inslee house, they invited folks to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

The Inslee home is a 1931 brick house on Bainbridge Island, within walking distance of the Washington State Ferry.

Below is the video of our live coverage of the event.

  • Interview starts around 12:00
  • March starts at 43:30
  • Protesters cross into Jay Inslee's neighborhood at 56:20
  • Protesters meet up in front of Jay Inslee's private residence to give comments and eat Thanksgiving food 1:01:00
  • Protest organizer Lindsey "Linz Wynn" Nguyen gives comments to crowd gathered in front of Washington State Governor Jay Inslee's private home. 1:03:00
  • Co-Organizer gives comments aimed directly at Governor Jay Inslee 1:05:00

Stay tuned and Stay Woke!