An organized group against the latest set of Governor Jay Inslee's orders to bear down with immediate family only during Thanksgiving is bringing their protest to the front door of Inslee's Bainbridge Island home.

Linz Wynn Facebook Message For Thanksgiving EventCo-hosts, "United Voice of Washington" and Linz Wynn have teamed up and created an event on Facebook where they are recruiting others to join them for the meetup. United Voice of Washington lists that they are a "cause" based group which formed an online presence starting in September 2020. Lindsey "Linz Wynn" Nguyen is a registered Hypnotherapist in Washington State and Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Wynn was born in Vietnam. She later immigrated to America with her family and became a US citizen. 

The invite states:

"We, The People, as a United Voice of Washington, do not consent to Inslee’s Covid-19 mandated shut down! Join us for a Thanksgiving dinner potluck, celebrate our freedom & protest against Inslee’s tyrannical mandates."
The details of the event include a start time 12:00 PM with things wrapping up around 4:00 PM. The main meetup and potluck dinner site will be located at Bainbridge Island Waterfront Park. Their posted details will include but may not limited to:
"We will walk to Inslee’s house. You can drop off your food with us if you’d like before you go park.
Bring your favorite dish, chairs, tables, wagon, flags signs and extra batteries to record the event or do Facistbook (sic) live. We will have music and sing our favorite holiday and patriot songs."
Comments on the public Facebook event range from what organizer Linz Wynn said above all the way to people not believing it is a real event...
Facebook Comment to Anti Inslee Thanksgiving Potluck Protest
If things go according to plan, United Voice of Washington group plans to stay on Island or come back each day to participate in other events to protest Inslee's actions.
  • Black Friday: 12-3pm
  • Black Saturday 12-3pm
There is a comment that states: "Inslee’s address
(message us for details) Bainbridge Island, WA 98110"
We have reached out to event organizer, Lindsey "Linz Wynn" Nguyen for comment. We will update this story as details come in.

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