As reported last week by Wake Up Bainbridge, two time City Council hopeful Ashley Mathews has been appointed to the City of Bainbridge Island's Planning Commission. Mathews is set to be appointed during Agenda item 9F of this coming Tuesday's virtual City Council meeting. If they stay on time, this should occur around 9:00 PM PDT. Yes, we will be STREAMING and LIVE BLOGGING the Council Meeting on Wake Up Bainbridge.

The Planning Commission was established pursuant to RCW 35A.63 to serve as an advisory body to the City Council. Its role is to provide recommendations to the Bainbridge Island City Council, City of Bainbridge Island Planning Director and Hearing Examiner, and to consider legislative and quasi-judicial matters, with its primary responsibility to prepare, review and update the Comprehensive Plan. (BIMC 2.14.020.A.)

Ashley Mathews Planning Commissioner Bainbridge IslandMathews applied for the position when a seat opened up upon the resignation of then Planning Commissioner, Don Doman.

Mathews has shown varied interest in City politics over the last couple of years. She has participated in several attempts at either being elected or appointed to the City Council or Planning Commission. It should be noted that since she sought office through election for the North Ward seat last November, Mathews has moved to the South Ward.

Ashley Mathews Political Timeline:

  • November 2019 - Ashley Mathews runs for North Ward City Council position. Mathews abruptly withdraws from the Council race the night of a scheduled League of Women Voters debate with other North Ward candidates, Kol Medina and Kevin Fetterly. Mathews late withdrawal from the City Council election caused City of Bainbridge Island to have to still hold electoral run off even though there were only two candidates remaining. This cost City of Bainbridge Island approximately $23,000 in fees from County to hold a runoff that was not necessary.
  • February 2020 - Ashley Mathews applies for appoint of South Ward position vacated by then Council Member Matthew Tirman. She is not appointed. One time City of Bainbridge Island staff member, Christy Carr is chosen.
  • June 2020 - Ashley Mathews contacts multiple City Council members after the application and selection process had been completed to inform them she deserves to be awarded one of the two vacant Planning Commission seats. Mathews did not submit any application or go through any of the process that the legitimate appointment candidates had gone through. The City Council voted to place Mathews on the next agenda as the new selection, replacing either Sarah Blossom or Kimberly McCormick Planning Commission Zoom Shot Wake Up BainbridgeOsmond. This was without going through any process. The next week, Mathews new appointment was removed from the agenda. Sarah Blossom and Kimberly McCormick Osmond were appointed as originally planned.
  • October 2020 - Ashley Mathews applies for open seat number 3 that was vacated by Don Doman. Mathews applies along 19 other Bainbridge Island residents. Mathews is appointed to the Planning Commission for the remaining six (6) month term appointment in a split vote.

The seat that Ashley Mathews fills is up for re-selection in June of 2021. This will be a great opportunity to see how the Planning Commission proceeds with a new member and if Mathews will be able to make the impact she has talked about bringing to Bainbridge Island.

Stay tuned and stay woke!

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