Bainbridge Island Community Vaccination Clinic Update

IBainbridge Island Community Vaccination Clinic Voulnteert’s Sunday, 9:15 am on March 14th, 2021. Day two of the second weekend of the Bainbridge Island Community Vaccination Clinic.

The volunteers have been there a couple of hours already. They are busy setting up, prepping all the shots, cleaning all the stations, making sure all the computers are online, forms are on clipboards and everyone knows what the plan is.

Then you start to hear it. “5 Minutes till 9:30. Look alive…”

It takes at least 40 volunteers to pull off this mass vaccination event. They had to get there early because 9:30 AM is when the first COVID-19 vaccination recipient of the day is allowed to get processed through the line.

“Getting vaccines in arms is the most important thing now.” Jared Moravec Deputy Fire Chief

Bainbridge Island Community Vaccination Clinic SHOT IN ARM

By day’s end, the crew will be responsible for putting 550-600 plus doses in arms.

And not only are they squeezing extra doses out of overfilled viles (approximately 1,170 doses received | actual 1,208 doses given), but they intended to receive additional allotments from the State of Washington Department of Health.

To date, the group has helped to issue thousands of vaccines from all three vendors (Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson).

As for the future of the Bainbridge Island Community Vaccine Clinic, Incident Commander and Deputy Fire Chief Jared Moravec says they are on track to receive another allotment for next weekend (March 20, 21st). Appointments will be made available for eligible folks to receive their free vaccine.

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Although the group is excited with their progress and ability to serve the community, the short term hope is to double the capacity and throughput within a few weeks. We asked Moravec stated,

“Vaccine available is always tenuous week to week, so we are never quite sure what we are going to get from week to week. But, we already know that we are getting another 1,100 doses of Pfizer for next weekend. We are super excited. So we will do this again in a week. But our ultimate goal is to scale this up and do double what we are currently doing. So instead of 1,200 doses in a weekend, we want to do 2,400 doses in a weekend.”

Check out the Bainbridge Island Community Vaccination Clinic Walk Through with Clinic Incident Commander and Deputy Chief at Bainbridge Island Fire Department, Jared Moravec.

Deputy Chief Moravec took a few minutes to give reporter Sal DeRosalia the full overview of operations at a two day community run mass vaccination clinic. With over 50 volunteers and 600 doses to give out per day, the clinic is nothing short of a community run symphony put on by a coalition including but not limited to Bainbridge Prepares, Bainbridge Island Community Pharmacy, Bainbridge Island Fire Department and City of Bainbridge Island, Washington.

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