Bainbridge Island Councilwoman Rasham Nassar Filed for Order of Protection – Denied!


Wake Up Bainbridge has followed up with a principal player in the Anti-Harassment Order story first reported by the B.I. Stander Podcast this afternoon. The order was apparently requested by Councilmember Nassar against Brian Wilkinson and David Dunn in Kitsap Superior Court. The images of the order indicate it was denied January 19, 2019. The document is not listed on the Kitsap Superior Court records under either Mr. Wilkinson's or Ms. Nassar's name. Mr. Wilkinson is also a party to a PRA suit (we reported about that here) against the City of Bainbridge Island filed in September, 2019.


Richard Davis reached out to one Brian Wilkinson for an on the record quote about the story reported this afternoon, Mr. Wilkinson replied: 

“Myself nor David Dunn never knew that these actions had been taken by COBI against either one of us until 1 week ago!

These claims are beyond false and absolutely Deny all accusations made by COBI.”

And when asked how he learned of the failed order of protection from Councilwoman Nassar, Wilkerson replied: 

“The information that a restraining order was kept a secret from me for 10 months.

....of a restraining order attempt....

Was leaked to me

Their plumbing sprung a leak”

After he read through the paperwork, Mr. Wilkinson stated that the Judges decision, 

“Gives me hope. For balance, accountability and fairness.”

We have reached out to Councilwoman Nassar for comment. As of this post, we have not heard back.