Wake Up Bainbridge reporter Sal DeRosalia was there as the Fire Engines from 3 different departments (Bainbridge Island, North Kitsap and Poulsbo) rolled in to a call for mutual aid on the second floor of 403 North Madison Avenue on Bainbridge Island, AKA, The Bainbridge Pavilion.

The Pavilion was quickly evacuated as Fire Fighters located the source of smoke and went to work.

Richard Davis reached out to the Bainbridge Island Fire Department for comment the next morning, Tuesday November 17th, 2020. Deputy Fire Chief, Jared W. Moravec got back to him later in the day and provided Wake Up Bainbridge with the following narrative.

"Shortly after 9:20 PM last night, BIFD was dispatched to a report of a commercial fire alarm at the Pavilion, 403 Madison Ave N. Very shortly after arrival, the dispatched engine reported visible smoke inside of the building on the second floor and requested that the call be upgraded to a commercial structure fire response (this dispatches a total a 10 staffed units to the scene). Because of the volume and unknown source of the smoke, firefighters proactively deployed hoselines inside the structure to be ready to immediately fight any fire that may have been discovered. After a brief search, firefighters found a pile of discarded rags in the kitchen of a second floor restaurant that had undergone spontaneous heating that caused the smoke condition. Firefighters encountered no visible flames or active fire. The rags were removed from the building to a balcony where they were completely extinguished. Firefighters were on scene for an extended period to pick up equipment and to ventilate smoke from the building. No injuries were reported. A total of nine fire units arrived on scene, including units from North Kitsap Fire Rescue and Poulsbo Fire Department. We were also assisted by the Bainbridge Island Police Department who helped in the evacuation of the structure and traffic control. Early detection and warning by the building’s fire alarm system provided early notification to the Fire Department and also notified building occupants to begin evacuating. The building is also equipped with fire sprinklers, however the smoldering rags did not produce enough heat to cause activation."

Well there you have it folks. Complete coverage from live on scene reporting to after action reports from the Deputy Fire Chief.

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