Second Term City Council Member and past Mayor of Bainbridge Island, Kol Medina is moving to Walla Walla. Kol is also the outgoing President & CEO of the Kitsap Community Foundation. 

BREAKING NEWS: In a shocking announcement to everyone watching via Zoom and the Wake Up Bainbridge Live Blog, Council Member Kol Medina resigned his North Ward seat effective November 10, 2020. Kol was just re-elected last November in a close race against Kevin Fetterly. The current term of the seat is through December 2023.

Medina was originally going to make his announcement at the end of the Council Meeting during “Good of the Order” but decided to inform the audience earlier because it had stated to run over. Medina gave some details about his decision again during Good of the Order. Other Council Members shared their thoughts and feelings.

In his first mention of it, Medina stated he had taken a job in his hometown of Walla Walla as the President & CEO of the Blue Mountain Community Foundation there. His role is almost identical to that of his current role at the Kitsap Foundation.


Due to this change in organizations, he and his family would be moving to Walla Walla in the near future and he would be stepping down in November as council member.

Medina called this move a “great opportunity” for himself and his family. He loved Bainbridge Island, and was ready to embrace the winds of change in this time where nothing seems to stay the same.

Durning the Good of the Order, Medina laid out the dates of his final council meeting, November 10th and his move November 20th.

Kol Medina was serving in his second term as a council member.

All Council Members commented and expressed both happiness for Kol and his family while stating they appreciated his work.

His resignation leaves a vacant seat in the North Ward which the Council will look to fill quickly. Kol Medina won last years election by a tally of 5,775 and 54.2% as compared to his opponent Kevin Fetterly who had a total of 4,849 votes which made for 45.5%.

Will Kevin put in an application for the soon to be vacant position?

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