One of the two finalists for the vacant North Ward City Council seat is making the rounds on telephones, zooms and through emails. In part it reads: 

"I am one of two finalists for the position, and the most qualified, and I am asking for your support. If we are successful-and right now it is a big if-it would be an historic moment, as I would be the first African-American ever to serve on the Bainbridge Island City Council or in any major leadership role." - Brenda Fantroy-Johnson

Since forcing a run off with a 4-2 vote (Fantroy-Johnson was on the losing side) for a first place pick in the City Council candidate selection process, Brenda Fantroy-Johnson has acquired some helpers in the form of mass emails that are going around asking people to support her. 

The emails seem to be part of a script that was sent around becoming support. Their task is simple, apply enough political pressure on council to flip two votes. 

Last week's Council Meeting saw the vote for first place pick go 4-2 for Jane Lindley. There had been 5 total candidates but Brenda Fantory-Johnson and Lindley were the clear favorites, both being awarded a score of “20 points”. With the scoring process and subjective choice over which parts of the process to follow, only two candidates were left standing, causing a second round. 

north ward city council voting numbers round TWO

In addition to the mass emails, Brenda Fantroy-Johnson has enlisted the help of the newly appointed Bainbridge Island Planning Commissioner, Ashley Mathews.

"I filled them in one which Council members seemed to be voting for the usual climate activism versus those voting in favor of racial equity." - Ashley Mathews, Newly Appointed Planning Commissioner

On Monday December 7, 2020, Mathews sent an email to the full council. In it, she not only stated her “steadfast” support for Fantroy-Johnson as the pick for Council, she also informed Council of an NAACP meeting she had attended and how they would be ending their meeting early to come and support Fantroy-Johnson Tuesday night.

Ashley Mathews Planning Commissioner Bainbridge Island“At the end of the day during good of the order I explained to everyone (some represent other areas in Kitsap) the decision you would be making tomorrow. They will be ending tomorrow's NAACP meeting early in order to log into our City Council meeting and let you know what your decision will mean to all of us. I filled them in one which Council members seemed to be voting for the usual climate activism versus those voting in favor of racial equity. I am steadfast in my support for Brenda and look forward to hearing from the NAACP tomorrow. Have a great evening, Ashley Mathews”

A choice will be made tonight and we will have a full council as of next week.

Tune into Wake Up Bainbridge tonight at 5:30 PM as we discuss this and the rest of the Council Agenda with Sarah Blossom. 

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