At 9:00 PM on Tuesday night the Bainbridge Island City Council voted to have the top two candidates in the North Ward council seat appointment process come back for a second round.

All 5 City Council applicants for the North Ward seat gave opening comments and then answered a series of questions in which they were given two minutes per question to respond.

At the end of the night, 28 Year Island resident and climate activist Jane Lindley received 4 first place nods from Council members, Kirsten Hytopolous, Deputy Mayor Joe Deets, Christy Carr and Mayor Leslie Schneider.

Co-chair of the Race Equity Task Force Brenda Fantroy-Johnson received 2 first place votes from Council members Michale Pollock and Rasham Nassar.

Other vote getters included Tyler Benson and 4 time Council hopeful Kevin Fetterly. Businessman and applicant Stuart Walton was the only candidate to not receive any votes.

Each member of the council was given the opportunity rank the 5 applicants, make comments and then reveal their first, second and third choice for the seat.

The Ranking went as follows:

north ward city council voting numbers round one 1

The Council voted to move Jane Lindley and Brenda Fantroy-Johnson into a second round. Per a new scoring structure, each of the top two candidates receive a total of 20 points.

Round two will happen during the next City Council meeting on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020. The details of round two are still to be determined.

It can be noted that both Michael Pollock and Rasham Nassar voted for recently defeated Kevin Fetterly. This was Mr. Fetterly’s third time seeking a seat on City Council. Most recently he had been defeated in November 2019 by the now resigned Kol Medina. The outcome of that race was Kol Medina with 5,775 votes and Fetterly with 4,849 votes. 54.2% and 45.5% respectively.

At the time of this posting, we have reached out to third place applicant, Tyler Benson for comment. We hope to have him on the show along with the rest of the applicants to talk about the process.

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