City Manager Fires Off Enforcement Letters to DNR and DOE over the Triangle Mining Property.

After some hesitation in front of Council to stop the Triangle Property mining operation at Fletcher Bay Rd. and Lynwood Center Rd. City Manager Morgan Smith has sent letters to Department of Natural Resources and Department of Ecology regarding possible violations and hazards of the operation. Wendy Tyner, Nick Masla and other neighbors have spoken in the public comment at City Hall meetings over the last several weeks regarding their fears and provided documentation for their concerns. After two weeks of staff research Smith responded with the two letters Thursday and published them in her Friday newsletter today. The letters came as news to Tyner and her neighbors as well as Councilmember Michael Pollack, who we spoke with, shortly after the word of the letters was disclosed in the City Manager’s newsletter.

Read the letter to DNR here.

Read the letter to DOE here.