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Everyone seems to have their favorite “comfort food” go to restaurant on Bainbridge Island if they have been here for anytime at all. In the last few years Proper Fish, the authentic, nationally acclaimed fish ‘n chips (and other great seafood meals) has been one of ours.
Co-host Richard Davis has a great affection for things British (and some British people too!) and would rather read 16th century British poetry or watch all the seasons of Line of Duty than just about anything else. He even calls Medicare his NHS.

With the new restrictions and the dangerous surge of COVID-19 cases we must even further triangulate if we are going to go out, meet someone or participate in group activities. Perhaps we don’t even know the toll and complications this causes for those that can’t work from home.

Proper Fish is going to try to make it as easy as possible for you to still get your comfort food in a safe reasonable way.

Wake Up Bainbridge Proper Fish's Flagship Fish N Chips
Proper Fish’s Flagship Fish N Chips

If your comfort food is the tasty white bait, the traditional fish ‘n chips (with killer chips) or the parsley oil topped chowder you don’t have to do anything except go online or call and they will bring to you on Bainbridge Island for $5.00. That’s right, 5 bucks. Contactless delivery from great people. If your “comfort” is the exquisite fish sandwich, or the lobster roll, prawn cocktail or fish tacos it can be at your door for just $5.

Roadblocks? There’s been a few. Co-Owners Sharelle Fitzpatrick and Heriberto Quinteroat at Proper Fish decided to take a leap of faith and buy a business that was about to be shut down due to the owner falling ill. Then came the restrictions on restaurants due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But she and a core group are still there every day working around the clock to keep the business going for all of their staff, patrons and the community at large. Still making the best Fish ‘n Chips this side of the Pond, and still executing everything from the tastiest tartar sauce you will ever have and a parsley oil you will want to put on everything and the masterpiece Lobster Roll and a quality fish sandwich you will have to try to believe.

If you are in the market for some food, please order from Proper Fish. Richard got a special delivery last night and he is still loving it. Open today Sunday from 12PM-8PM you are just a click or call away from some comfort and great food.

This year if you can’t be there, give a “Proper” gift card.


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