Council Candidate Sporting “Lock Her Up” Shirt On Instagram Post

Grayson Wildsmith Sporting Lock Her Up Tank TopCurrent City of Bainbridge Island City Council Candidate for the Central Ward position, Grayson Wildsmith finds himself in a bit of a kerfuffle on a local Facebook group called "Bainbridge Islanders".

Someone with viewing privileges to the instagram account with screen name "gwildxo" posted this screen grab with the comment "Just wanted to share this photo of our youngest candidate for city council 🙂 (sic) Remember to submit your ballot by November 5th!"

We have reached out to Mr. Wildsmith for confirmation that this is indeed him in the picture. We have not heard back as of this post.

So we gotta ask, with approximately 80% of the Bainbridge Island electorate voting for Hillary in 2016, does this change your feelings or vote for Wildsmith?

Stay Woke!

And to see our video interview with Candidate Wildsmith click here or do it the long way by typing in "grayson wildsmith interview on wake up bainbridge".


We have received a response from Candidate Grayson Wildsmith. We appreciate him taking the time to clear up any misunderstandings or misrepresentations.

"I heard about that Facebook post.

It is a shame when personal photos are taken out of context.

The context was that I was a political science major in college and wore that shirt to a gathering of friends with the hope of stirring discussion about the problems in our government – both Republican and Democrat – and it worked! I firmly believe that more women need to be in leadership positions worldwide.

Also, I voted for Hillary.