Bainbridge Island LogoThe Bainbridge Island City Council was still talking into the wee hours of the night. At 11:03 PM Council woman Rasham Nassar was in minute four of a filibuster attempt to talk away a motion by Council woman Christy Carr to have Michael Pollock removed from the Joint Use Land Subcommittee.

Minutes later it was shared by Mayor Leslie Schneider that the two Planning Commissioners who serve on the subcommittee with Council member Pollock would resign if Pollock didn't.

This was the second time Council Member Pollock's position on the Joint Use Land Subcommittee had been in question. The first time when was when he emailed a Planning Commissioner asking them to resign when they didn't appoint Ashely Mathews as a late appointee over Sarah Blossom.

Pollock tried repeatedly to turn the motion into a race issue but the three council members who voted to remove him stated it had to do with his actions. Pollock was accused of using race to gaslight the Council and his actions were seen as destructive to the working relations of the Committee.

Michael Pollock refused to remove himself from the Joint Use Land Subcommittee. He stated that he would continue to show up to meetings regardless of the vote, thus forcing the City to call a Special Council Meeting for each Joint Use Land Subcommittee. In turn, Pollock asked Carr to resign from the Committee. She did during good of the order.

At 11:22 PM the vote finally wrapped up with three voting to remove Pollock, one voting against the motion and two council members recusing themselves. Not knowing the next step with a 3-1-2 split, City Mayor Leslie Schneider consulted with City Attorney Joe Levan. Levan stated the Council needed four "Yay" votes for the motion to pass. The final outcome is that the motion did not pass.

Council woman Carr later resigned from the Joint Use Land Subcommittee. We have reached out to other members of the Committee to see of their status.

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