Current Bainbridge Parks Commissioner Tom Swolgaard Shoves Rachel Pritchett At City Hall Debate

Bainbridge Island Park District Candidates Debate FightOne thing you probably don't expect to hear at a candidates forum sponsored by The League of Women Voters, held at City Council chambers held this evening is a candidate say, "Don't hurt me." And yet in response to an interruption by candidate Rachel Pritchett, current Parks Commissioner Tom Swolgaard gave a shove to the shoulder of Rachel Pritchett to which she said those words.

When Wake Up Bainbridge reporter Richard Davis asked Ms. Pritchett after the forum if she said that, and if she was being jocular, she replied, “I was fearful.”

Mr. Swolgaard left immediately after the forum.

Since these two candidates are up for a position as a Park's Commissioner we can say, “Let's go to the videotape”. BKAT was providing video services and we will have a full review in the morning.

The incident happened after Ms. Pritchett interrupted Mr. Swolgaard when he was answering a question and after what looked like an effort to turn off her microphone, he gave her shoulder a shove.

Richard says, "I am not an expert on degrees of shove but on a scale of ten it looked like a 4 or 5. The candidate on the receiving end obviously took it seriously."

More on the forum and the other races will be up tomorrow.