Episode 203 | COBI CONNECTS, Horror Shows, Law Suits, Restraining Orders OH MY!

Episode 203 | COBI CONNECTS City of Bainbridge Island, Washington on Indigenous Peoples Day Resolution, the narrowing of the Moratorium outside the Winslow Master Plan Study Area, lots of infographics.

Thanks! Horror Shows: Bainbridge Performing Arts with tonight’s pay-as-you-can performance of Rocky Horror Show which will run through Oct. 27th. The other horror shows are the PRA suits against the city and the revelation of a failed attempt to get an anti-harassment order requested by Councilmember Rasham Nassar against David Dunn and Brian Wilkinson –who also happen to be the plaintiffs in one of the potentially very costly PRA violation lawsuits. The anti-harassment order was was denied by a judge in the Kitsap County Superior Court back in January.

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