Episode 250 – Race Equity Task Force Approval, Update on Lisa Shulze PRA Lawsuit and Richard Goes Remote Tomorrow

Episode 250 – Race Equity Task Force Approval at Packed Council Meeting, UPDATE on the Lisa Schulze. PRA Request for Ron’s Records and Remote Show on Thanksgiving Day! Wake Up Bainbridge will be in the kitchen Proper Fish December 3rd for an extra special show and for a good cause as well. Richard will be trying to master the perfect fish & chips Harvey style and Helpline House will benefit when he gets it right.

Watch out for a remote Thanksgiving show which will test Richard’s telecommunications skills! Next week we have shows with new returning council members Kirsten Ridgway Hytopoulos and Michael Moritz Pollock and a solo show with Deputy Mayor Matt Tirman. Holiday surprises will abound!

Episode 250 is brought to you by Outcome Athletics the home of the best personal trainer on Bainbridge Island, Bethanee Randles.