Episode 268. Back in business!

Episode 268. We are back in business! Thanks to all the folks who played along for the video of the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker at Bainbridge Cinemas last night! Popcorn smelled great. We postponed the Bainbridge Island Review, Review for a moment. I only found two articles — but I was rushing about. The big news is the new gym at the Pavilion which is sponsor Outcome Athletics with its certified master trainer Bethanee Randles and our co-host Sal DeRosalia. I tell you with all the stuff going on around here The Pavilion is dare I say it, “happening”?

Episode 268 is brought to you by Outcome Athletics now at the Pavilion in the heart of Urban Winslow! And by the best personal trainer on Bainbridge, Bethanee Randles.