Episode 280 – Wake Up Bainbridge Week In Review.

Complete Recap of the Winslow Hotel Hearing Examiner’s Meeting on January 23 at City Hall and what it will mean in the final decision — to be rendered by February 24. We look at both sides of the issue. The interviews we had with Winslow Neighbors Natalia Ilyin were a strong counterpoint to the City Planning forces. Our broadcast of the Public Comment section of the meeting has garnered almost 2500 engagements.

We also re-lived Sal’s fabulous birthday donuts at Bainbridge Police Department with Sgt. Ben Sias.

Guest of the Wake Up Bainbridge! show https://www.facebook.com/wakeupbainbridge/videos/749076078937835/ Tarra Simmons launched her campaign at the Kiana Lodge with Lt. Govenor Habib in attendance for the 23rd District State seat. She has lots of endorsements and lots of fundraising and the blessing of former Rep. Sherry Appleton and a very interesting story.

City Hall Blocks Staff Interviews. Stay tuned for more on this.

We love the Proper Fish and saw a post indicating Harvey might be cooking up something with sausage and batter? Oh, my! And to my new friends at an old fave Cups Espresso – Bainbridge Island. Love the breve but I need to see that lemon spoonbread back in the bakery counter.

Episode 280 is brought to you by Outcome Athletics now at the Pavilion in the heart of Urban Winslow! And by the best personal trainer on Bainbridge, Bethanee Randles.