Episode 298 | Almost Voted Off the Island | Part Two

Episode 298 — When Wake Up Bainbridge! co-host Richard Davis​ (after a few years of seeing it coming!) was almost priced off the island, he decided to do a multi-part deep dive into all facets of the “A” word. In Part One (you can listen to it here: https://www.facebook.com/wakeupbainbridge/videos/181774483089241/) Richard talked about his own search for the elusive “affordable housing,” both in the US and here on Bainbridge. In Part Two we look at the history of the housing crisis, the facts and the figures and prices, the middle class dilemma and the dearth of low-income housing. We look at the efforts the City of Bainbridge has made and try to puzzle why they have largely failed to get affordable housing back on the island.
Episode 298 is brought to you by Outcome Athletics​ now at the Pavilion in beautiful Urban Winslow. And by the best personal trainer on Bainbridge Island, Bethanee Randles.