Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Public Records Requests But Were Afraid To Ask.

If you do business, buy a house, build a house, work for a newspaper, work for a public interest or policy group or just like to know what’s going on, you may need to make a public records request.

But what happens when the public records agency runs afoul of the Washington State PRA Law? It can cost a city hundreds of thousands and maybe millions. It has happened here.

Look at the Wake Up Bainbridge! show on how to file a public records request, and then hear from one side of two lawsuits against the City of Bainbridge for failure to provide documents to see how and why it happens.

Here are some comprehensives Guides from MRSC — Municipal Research & Services Center — which explain in detail how a records request should be handled in Washington State.


And a history of major cases in Public Records law in Washington State.


And what happens when the attorneys get involved.

Here is an the most recent interview, with an update, with Plaintiff’s attorney Nicholas Power and Plaintiff David Dunn on Wake Up Bainbridge! Show December 15, 2019 regarding one of two Public Record Acts lawsuits against the City of Bainbridge Island.

Episode 264 – Attorney Nicholas Power and Plaintiff David Dunn Update

Episode 264 – Update on the Public Records lawsuits against the City of Bainbridge Island, Washington.Attorney Nicholas Power and Plaintiff David Dunn join Sal and Richard in their new studio on a busy Friday night. It was a day of Motions and Depositions and the stakes for taxpayers of Bainbridge Island are high. Can Bainbridge afford another lawsuit close to a million dollars? Let's discuss. Episode 264 is brought to you by Outcome Athletics, the home of the Best Personal Trainer on Bainbridge Island, Bethanee Randles. Now booking clients at the Pavilion.

Posted by Wake Up Bainbridge on Sunday, December 15, 2019

Top Washington State PRA attorney Nicholas Power tells you everything you want to know about the Public Records Act but were afraid to ask.

Here are the current major documents in the two PRA lawsuits against the City of Bainbridge. A COMPLAINT filed and the current City ANSWER for each case:

David Dunn and Brian Wilkinson v. COBI Complaint

David Dunn and Brian Wilkinson v. COBI Answer

Lisa Schulze v. COBI Complaint

Lisa Schulze v. COBI Answer