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What’s Wake Up Bainbridge! about?

Richard and Sal explore every facet of Bainbridge Island: a cool, damp, refuge in the Pacific Northwest. Just 30 minutes by ferry to Seattle but light years from conventional living it has become a haven for the 1% but is still fiercely defended by the old island residents.

So, if you are a friend of Bezos or the relatives of the settlers, we cover everything from City Council to coyote invasions, from the new best restaurants to why do people leave their little green dog poop bags laying around.

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Who are Richard and Sal?

You mean the Odd Couple that use a fresh blend of witt, humor and experience to speak into your listening?

Well, with the combination of Richard’s classical training and Sal’s knack for getting straight to the point, these two mix so well you would think they had known one another for the better part of 20 years. And they have…

Along with being close friends, this isn’t the first time the dynamic duo have teamed up. The gentlemen behind Wake Up Bainbridge! have worked with one another on several projects in the past and are also the brains and brawn behind a number of successful small businesses enterprises from Seattle to San Diego.

Who is a guest on Wake Up Bainbridge!?

Everyone. That’s right. We want to know the entire story of Bainbridge so we are going to need everyone’s help. If you have an idea for a guest or show, please use contact form or click here to submit it.