I am not a “whistleblower.”

” I am a citizen who reported something that needed to be corrected. ” Lara Lant.

City of Bainbridge employee Lara Lant is trying to keep her head down and just do her job but after two investigations — both clearing her — one of which was an ethics complaint by Councilmember Rasham Nassar’s husband Trent Gibbons. But she is still not feeling free and clear of all the controversy. Two Public Records lawsuits are heating up, one regarding a damaged and missing phone and potential missing public documents from that cellphone of, Councilmember Nassar.

We have been waiting for the investigation report on city employee Lara Lant to be released so we can read for ourselves. We wanted to see its depth and complexity and get a better sense of how the whole incident began. But in the reading the emails requested in a Public Records Request by Councilmember Ron Peltier we found this. An email is that looks like Lara Lant has been long cleared by the investigation. We think she was aware of it but most of the public certainly didn’t know.

The investigation conducted by Rebecca Dean – hired by the City and City Manager Morgan Smith – cost around $10,000. Upon receiving the report from Ms. Dean, The City Manager made her determination that no action would be taken against Ms. Lant and notified Mr. Trent Gibbons of her decision in an email . We saw also that the report had been requested by others.