A few mornings a week I have the distinct pleasure of taking Vito and Rue (the super cute French Bulldogs) for a walk to the local park.

Today, as the dogs were running around chasing the falling leaves in the park, I was busy scanning the ground for poop. During my patrol, I came across a smallish plastic bag wrapped inside of another plastic bag. The exterior bag had a burned end. At that point, I had a feeling it wasn't a simple case of littering.

I decided to picked it up, put it in my pocket and continued to walk the pups up and down Madison Avenue.

Upon returning from my walk, I did my Mr. Rodgers routine where I took off my coat, shoes and emptied all the pockets. Upon emptying my coat pocket, I was reminded of the small plastic bag I had found.

I took out some surgical gloves, a pyrex glass tray and a pair of scissors. I mean, that's what they do on all the crime shows I watch. After putting on the gloves so I would not get anything on my hands, I started the opening of the small baggie.

One baggie led to another. And then another. And inside were three individually packaged bags of what looked to be a crystal substance. Two of the three baggies had clear markings. One with skulls and one with a small mushroom. This usually indicates a type or brand of drug so it can be distinguished from others before consumption.

Again, I saw that on a crime show...

3 Baggies of Crystal Substance
3 Baggies of Crystal Substance

After I got it all out, I took the pictures you see and put it all in a big ziplock.

All in all, some may say it was not “a lot” or it's not a big deal. It is.

As we saw this week, where there is smoke, there is often fire. Or at least a smoldering pile of greasy rags.

The fact that this was found in the same park that produced a switchblade a few months back should be enough to startle anyone. When you combine it with parents from around the Island bring their kids to enjoy the swing set or take a trip down the slide, it becomes downright deadly.

There was more than enough of whatever drug was in those baggies to severely harm or kill any child that ingested it. If a dog would have eaten it, they would have either crapped a small brick or died from an overdose. Either way, it was left there to be found by anyone and everyone.

I don’t know how we do this as a community. I know we can't get rid of it all.

But just like this morning when I saw the plastic baggie on the ground, I couldn’t walk past it. I could not pretend I didn't see it. I had to do something to "help" the situation.

To me, knowledge is power. Knowing what is here on our "Beautiful Bainbridge Island" regardless of if I like it or not, allows me to make more informed decisions.

three baggies of crystal substance believed to be crystal meth found in local park on bainbridge island
3 Baggies of crystal substance believed to be crystal meth found in local park on Bainbridge Island.

Please talk to your kids about drugs. Be honest that no matter where you live, they may exist. Please take 10 minutes and walk them through a scenario like the one I just painted.

What will they be prepared with WHEN they find a baggie the ground?

When I was a kid, I would have opened it up. God knows what I would have done after that.

The end of this story is that the drugs were delivered to the Bainbridge Island Police Station.

Please be safe and Stay Woke!