Newest Public Records Act Lawsuit Against The City of Bainbridge Island By Lisa Schulze


Following on the heels of a lawsuit in July against the City of Bainbridge Island for violations of the Public Records Act, Lisa Schulze the wife of the former City Manager Doug Schulze the current City Manager of Banning, California has filed a lawsuit in Kitsap Superior Court. You can read the entire lawsuit here and we already paid the $4.00. It’s really interesting. Lisa Schulze v. The City of Bainbridge Island (full text)

Read more about the Public Records Act and lawsuits, historically, against the City of Bainbridge Island.

Back in 2014 the City settled a suit brought by two citizens regarding a failure to provide documents from a PRA request. You can read about it here:…/settlement-of-bainbridge-re…/

In July of 2019 two Bainbridge Islanders, David Dunn and Brian Wilkenson filed suit that the City also failed in their requests to provide complete information on the phone of Councilmember Rasham Nassar. Read the actual current lawsuit against the City here:…/

On September 4th, 2019 the wife of former City Manager Doug Schulze filed suit against the City for not providing complete document requests for the cellphone records of Councilmember Ron Peltier. Peltier was sanctioned by the Council regarding his dealings with the Schulze’s after they left Bainbridge and moved to Banning, California where Doug Schulze is the current City Manager. Read about her lawsuit here:…/wife-former-city-ma…/2221993001/

Wake Up Bainbridge! has been looking into another case where the City’s handling of another request may be moving it to another suit. We will be talking about that case on the Long Weekend Wrap-Up Show Monday September 9, 2019.

Here is some general information on the Public Records Act:…/l…/open-government/public-records-act.aspx