This weekend I had the pleasure of heading down to Winslow Way and putting some money where my big mouth is.

$100 Went To:

  • Eagle Harbor Book Company (4, $25 gift cards for kids)
  • B.I. Barkery ($100 card behind counter)
  • Little Island Crafts ($50 card behind counter, 2, $25 gift cards for kids)

B.I. Barkery Wake Up Bainbridge Gift Card Give.jpg

Here is what I did to make it go as far as possible.

I started my mini adventure at my old friend Kim's B.I. Barkery shop in the Winslow Mall. I was lucky enough to know her back when she opened so I saw B.I. Barkery when it was just a little pup. How exciting it is to be able to come in all these years later and do something cool for our community.

Kim and I came up with a plan to put $100 on a gift card and leave it behind the counter. The goal is to:

  • Subsidize folks shopping experience. ($5.00 Off Your Order)
  • Cover the cost of a gift if someone couldn't afford it.
  • Stimulate the economy by enticing you to spend a little more at the store.

B.I. Barkery is locate at 278 Winslow Way - E Suite 107, inside of the Winslow Mall. You can give them a call at (360) 473-8781 or send a message at

B.I. Barkery is the place to find that perfect treat, not only for your dog, but for the dog lovers in your life! Whether that’s you or your kids or your dog walker or your favorite aunt, we have the perfect gifts for you! And when it comes to treats, we have fresh, organic, homemade special treats in addition to locally sourced, organic bulk treats.

At Eagle Harbor Book Company I asked for 4, $25 gift certificates. I got two that you could use online and two that you walked into the store to redeem. These are going directly to Bainbridge Island's Helpline House to meet their ask for $25 Gift Cards for kids.

Eagle Harbor Book Company Wake Up Bainbridge Gift Card Give 2020

Eagle Harbor is the oldest bookstore on Bainbridge located at:
157 Winslow Way E on Bainbridge Island.

You can give them a call at (206) 842-5332 or send the a message at

We are a full service, locally-owned and proudly independent bookstore located on Bainbridge Island, home to a large community of authors and discriminating readers. A short ferry ride from Seattle, we offer a broad selection of fine new & used books, and a full schedule of author readings & events.

My last stop of the day was at a shop I would have never thought to go into myself but am so glad I got connected to. I was on a socially distant walk with an old Bainbridge friend and she stopped at Little Island Crafts for some yarn. After she left the store it dawned on me that a crafts shop was the perfect shop to donate to, especially for the kids ask from Helpline House.

I mean, how many folks think to support the crafts store?

The two ladies behind the counter (also sisters) were so helpful and grateful. We came up with a plan to put $50 on a gift card so that it could help with folks purchases as well as getting 2, $25 gift cards for the Helpline kids gift card ask. WIN!!!

Little Island Crafts Wake Up Bainbridge $100 Gift Card Give

The Little Island Craft Shop is located at 278 Winslow Way E - Suite 103 (yep, in the Winslow Mall). You can call them with any questions at (206) 565-3996 and they are happy to reply to your email at

Rebecca and Rachel grew up crafting and making for as long as they can remember. Their mother had a passion for quilting and crafts, and indulged her children whenever there was a new craft they wanted to try. From leather stamping to painting to cotton moulds to paper making, there wasn't a craft she wasn't willing to try. When she passed away and left the sisters with all of her crafting supplies, they turned to the Bainbridge community and asked how they could help the local community of makers. The overwhelming response was "LOCAL CRAFT SHOP."

Together, we can make a difference. You may not have $300 or $100 or even $5, but if you have the willingness to make a difference for others, you can.

Please go down to donate or use the resources left behind. It's not about the gift or the $5, it's about the experience of being a part of our community in a positive way.

Stay Tuned & Stay Woke!

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