Special Sunday Show: Fireside Chat with Richard and Sal

Episode 271 Special Sunday Fireside Chat with Richard and Sal. Direct from Urban Winslow the Wake Up Bainbridge! hosts decide who is and who might be the funniest City Council Member. The Bainbridge Island Review front page article on the state of Bainbridge Island’s water supply gets some push back online. Some comments from Aspect Consulting sparked the arguments which dogged the recent elections and go back to ARPA and the CAO. We want data and more data but we keep getting guesses and more guesses. Proper Fish may be making some special grab and go specials for a special Bainbridge organization.

Episode 271 is brought to you by the new Outcome Athletics gym at the Pavilion in the heart of Urban Winslow. It is going to be the new home of the best personal trainer on Bainbridge Island Bethanee Randles. It is going to be top flight.