Wake Up Bainbridge was on the ground covering the Anti- Governor Inslee, Anti-COVID restrictions protest on Bainbridge Island Thanksgiving weekend. We spoke with both organizers in exclusive interviews as well as covered the march down Winslow Way to Governor Jay Inslee's personal home.

local road access only

Upon reaching out to the Bainbridge Island Police Department for an after incident report and comment, Chief Clark issued the following statement.

"On three consecutive days beginning November 26th, demonstrations were held in front of the Governor's private residence. Between 30 - 40 people participated each day. The events took place between 12:00 and 4:00pm each day. Our response plan was prepared in cooperation with the Washington State Patrol.

Chief Joe Clark Head ShotSocial media posts indicated that as many as 150 people were planning to attend. Due to the potential numbers and the lack of public parking, the access roads to the neighborhood were closed to all but local traffic. This ensured access for emergency vehicles as well as access to the City facility in the neighborhood. Had attendance grown to larger levels, all traffic would have been stopped to ensure pedestrian safety.

During the first two dates, demonstrators used parking around City Hall and walked as a group to and from the residence. On Saturday at approximately 2:00pm, the full group walked to Winslow Way to continue their demonstration. The group walked to Madison Avenue and City Hall before returning to the residence.

Uniformed officers monitored the area throughout the day. Citizen inquiries related to the event included four each day on Thursday and Friday, with ten on Saturday due to the larger group walking to Winslow Way. Several calls were related to noise. While there was some verbal interaction between demonstrators and pedestrians, there were no incidents reported."

CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL GUENZLER - Corrections Bureau - Corrections Facility Roster SearchIt should be noted that although there were personal and anecdotal reports of "aggressive" behavior by protesters; there were no citations, arrests or acts of violence.

It should also be noted that one of the main protesters was arrested the following week in Olympia for shooting his weapon at a counter protester. This gentleman was seen displaying a weapon when he attended the protests on Bainbridge as well.

He is currently in Thurston County Jail on $50,000 bond awaiting his next court date for the charge of "ASSAULT 1ST DEGREE WHILE ARMED WITH A DEADLY WEAPON".

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If you would like to reach out to Bainbridge Island Police Chief Joe Clark you can contact him by email here or give him a call at: (206) 780-4686.

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